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SEO Trends & How to Create an SEO Strategy for 2020 | Complete Guide for FREE!

How to Create an SEO Trend & Strategy for 2020?


What is SEO in 2020?

Search engine optimizers (SEOs are people who optimize websites to help them show up
higher on search engines and gain more"organic traffic. #SEO #TRENDS & #STRATEGY #2020
In essence, an SEO is a highly
specialized content strategist, and helps a business discover opportunities to answer
questions people have about the industry via search engines.

On-page SEO: This SEO focuses on the content that's on the page," and how to optimize
that content to help boost the websites ranking for specific keywords

Off-page SEO: This SEO focuses on the links that are directing to the website from
elsewhere on the internet. The number of "backlinks," and the publishers carrying those
links that link to your website help you build trust in the eyes of a search engine. This
causes your website to rank higher as a result.

Technical SEO: This SEO focuses on a website's architecture, examining the backend of
that website to see how each webpage is "technically set up. Google cares as much
about the code of a website as it does its content, making this speciality quite important
to a website's search engine ranking.

1. Make a list of topics- Keywords are at the heart of SEO, but they're actually not your
first step to an organic growth play anymore,

2. Make a list of long-tail keywords based on these topics- Here's where you'll start
optimizing your pages for specific keywords. For each pillar you've identified, use your
keyword tool to identify five to 10 long-tail keywords that dig deeper into the original
topic keyword.

3. Build pages for each topic. When it comes to websites and ranking in search engines
trying to get one page to rank for a handful of keywords can be next to impossible.

4. Set up a blog- Blogging can be an incredible way to rank for keywords and engage your
website's users. After all, every blog post is a new web page that gives you another
chance to rank in search engines.

5. Blog every week to develop page authority. Not every blog post or web page you write
needs to belong to a topic cluster. There's also value in writing about tangential topics
your customers care about in order to give your website authority in the eyes of Google,

6. Create a link-building plan- The topic cluster model is your way forward in SEO this
year, but it's not the only way to get your website content to rank higher once it's been

7. Compress all media before putting it on your website - This is a small but important
step in the SEO process. As your blog or website grows, you'll undoubtedly have more
images, videos, and related media to host there.

8. Stay current on SEO news & practices- Like the overall marketing landscape, the search
engine space is ever-evolving Staying on top of current trends and best practices is a
difficult task,

9. Measure and track your content's success-SEO can take a lot of time and effort. What
good is spending all this time and effort if you can't see the fruits of your labor? There are
many metrics you can track on a daily, Weekly, or monthly basis to keep your SEO plan on
track and measure your success.


What is an off-page SEO activity in 2020?

Off-Page SEO Techniques is a type of White Hat SEO. Off-Page
SEO is a very important part of generating backlinks. It generates
a reference for your link. There are following Off-page activities
are important in 2020.

1- Search Engine Submission: This activity is used to tell the
search engine that our website exists. So it will crawl your
website and easily index your website.

2- Directory submission: Listing of your website to the directory
submission site based upon the category of your business.
Category is important in directory submission. but this technique
is outdated now.

3- Social Bookmarking: It is a very popular and widely used
technique. It is the same as a social media platform where people
are connected.

4- Classifieds: This technique is not widely used. This is basically
posting ads for your company.

5- Blog commenting: Comment on the blog which is very popular
that helps to increase traffic on your website. Simply put your link
at the time of commenting.

6- Article Submission: Submit articles of your business to high pr
article submission sites.

7- Press release submission: Submit your news or press release
at high Press release submission sites.

8- Image submission: submit images at high PR sites.

9- Video submission: submit a video at high PR sites.

10- pdf submission: submit pdf at high PR sites.

11- ppt submission: submit ppt at high PR sites.

12- Blog posting: Posting blog on third party blog sites like
tumblr, Blogger, and Wordpress.

13- Business listing: It is a one-time activity. Listing your
Business in directories of business.

14- Question and Answer: Put any question or give an answer to
the question. Put the website link at a time question or answer.
Quora is a great platform for that.

15- Forum Submission: discuss any topic within the forum and put
your link at the time of discussion.


What you consider as
the best link building
techniques in 2020?

1) Guest Posting
2) Broken Link Building
3) Web 2.0
4) Q/A
5) Reddit Community Posting
6) Blog Commenting
7) Generating Link Wheel
8) Blog Submission
9) Infographic Submission

New SEO Friendly Methods For Link Building in 2020

1. Your social circle
2. Niche communities
3. Writing guest posts
4. Create a blog related to your business
5. Contact Trustworthy directories
6. Add a Testimonial
7. Research backlinks of competitor
8. Use Infographics
9. Case Studies & Reports
10. Newsletter subscription
11. Dead backlinks
12. Social media
13. Sharing widget
14. Surveys and Quizzes
15. Run an Affiliate Program
16. Transcribe Videos
17. Get interviewed
18. Content Syndication
19. Link building on Wikipedia


How to Use #Google #Search #Console for Monitor Ranking in 2020?

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