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21 Cheap places To Eat in Lucknow | Best Street Food in Gomti Nagar Lucknow | Lucknow Street | lko Famous Food


21 Best Street Food Places In Lucknow

Food is delicious, pleasurable, amazing. Food is love and love is food.
 It can make us feel good. Lucknow is heaven for foodies.
 Delicious food can make your mood pleasurable.
It's always not about non-veg.
Here, I list some best places in Lucknow where you can have delicious and cheap food. 

1. Lalla Biryani in Lucknow-

Here’s something for non-vegetarians.
 Not the ultimate one but definitely a delicacy to satisfy your appetite.
Cheap & delicious biryani by Lalla Biryani makes your day.
They serve tasty Mutton Biryani, Awadhi Biryani and kebabs too.
Have a walk and taste their Menu..feel great! Address -: Near Chaupatia Chauraha, Chowk, Lucknow

2. Baba Ka Dhaba in Lucknow-

I think everyone likes to eat at dhaba.
Baba ka Dhaba is an amazing place to have delicious food.
They serve cheap and tasty veg kebabs and much more amazing food they have on their menu.
Go and have a great bite. Address -:
Opposite Chander Nagar Gate, Moni Baba Market, Alambagh, Lucknow

3. Shukla Chat House in Lucknow-
Lucknow is famous for it’s kebabs but here is something vegetarians.
Chaat, Aloo Tikki, Panipuri ..yeah taste them all at Shukla chat house.
 Rs. 100 enough for two. They serve delicious Aloo Tikki in Lucknow.
 CHEAP & PLACES TO EAT IN LUCKNOW Go and taste once!!
Address -: Near Bank of India, Shahnajaf Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow

4. Prakash Kulfi in Lucknow-

Now here’s some cold and delicious dessert to eat. At Aminabad,
Prakash Kulfi serves amazing kulfi. They are very famous for their kulfi.
 Might be it cost a bit high, It’s around Rs.150 for two people but
it’s very delicious. Try once!!
Address-: 12 & 13, Fruit Lane, Aminabad Market, Aminabad, Lucknow

5. Sharma Ji Ki Chai in Lucknow-

Tea/Chai is love. But if you wanna find good hands in it then go and
have ‘Sharma Ji ki chai’. They serve Chai, Bun Makkhan, Bun Maskas,
 Good place for chai gossip. Go and have a cup of tea!

6. Bajpayee Kachori Bhandar
 in Lucknow–
Here is the place, where you can have best kachories and cola bhatura of Lucknow.
 If you want to take a heavy meal, this is the right place for you.
Bajpayee Kachori Bhandar serves a delicious meal for you at a very less cost of 50 Rs.
 for two people (approx.).  It is from Hazratganj In Lucknow. Go and enjoy !! 
Address-: Opposite Bank of India, NK Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow

7. Sardar Ke Chole Bhature
 in Lucknow-
Experience the authentic delicacy of Punjab with Sardar Ji ke Mashhoor Cholle Bhature. 
Add their Aloo and Paneer Kulcha to your platter and have a full packed brunch. 
Oh! Don’t forget to end it with their Sooji ka Halwa made in pure desi ghee. 
Picture Source: Google Address: Lalbagh, Near Novelty Cinema.

8. Ram Asrey in Lucknow-
If you have a sweet tooth, this shop is heaven for you. The Malai paan, Chena Mithai, 
and Rasgullas will make your belly crave for more and more. 
Don’t forget to taste their Nakul, which is their sweet Chana Dal.
 Enjoy the undiscovered dishes here. Also, 
a glass of Lassi full of Malai and dry fruits is so drooling! 
Picture Source: Google Address:  Nawal Kishore Road, Hazrat Ganj.

9.Gpo Dahi Bada in Lucknow -

If you are looking for something that will blow your mind, 
then this is where you should land up. Enjoy the soft, tasty the dahi Bade at GPO 
which will melt instantaneously in your mouth.
 Picture Source: Google Address: Triloknath Marg, Lalbagh.

10. Wahid Biryani - 
lko Famous Food )
If you are someone who gets lost in the Biryani world while finding out the main pieces,
 then this is just your place. As the name suggests,
 it is indeed famous for its biryani 
but don’t forget to try their Chicken Masala and Rumali Roti.
 Picture Source: Google Address: Naaz Cinema Road, Aminabad.

11. Jain Chaat Corner
 in Lucknow -

This stall offers you the best Thande paani ke Batashe in Lucknow.
 You won’t be surprised to see all the Gol Gappas vanishing in just a few hours
 if you taste them. 
Also, don’t forget to try their Dahi-Chutney ke Batashe topped 
with their aromatic spices. Complete your visit by having their 
delectable Aloo Tikki and Matar Chat. 
Picture Source: Google Address: Lalbagh, Near Novelty Cinema.

12. Nainital Momos 
Best Street Food in
 Gomti Nagar Lucknow )-
This place is famous for all the genres you might have not even heard of Momos.
 The Dragon Fire Fried Momos are a must try. 
Bump into the spiciest world of Momos at this place and savor their specialties. 
Picture Credits: google Address: Viram Khand, Gomti Nagar.

13. Ram Narayan Tiwari And Sons 
( Lucknow Street )-
This shop is a perfect blend of what you call ‘street food.’
 Every kind of tasty Chaat under one roof! The unique taste available here is 
the Aloo-Kachalu. 
Picture Source: Google Address: Opposite Old R.T.O. Office, Latouche Road, Aminabad

14.  Awadh Juice Centre in Lucknow
Enjoy the ecstasy of fruit juices at this shop.
 It is the combination of all the fruits blended to give out
 the light and fruity juiciest effect! 
Picture Source: Google Address: Vijayshree Complex, Patrakarpuram, Gomti Nagar.

15. Thapa ( Lucknow Street )

Enjoy the super ‘Indianised’ version of Chinese food.
 Serve yourself with the most ambrosial food at this stall 
and gorge the delicacy in your belly. 
Picture Source: GoogleAddress: Near Arvindo Park, Indira Nagar.

16. Tunday Kababi in Lucknow

 ( lko Famous Food)

What better than having the authentic cuisine of the city of Nawabs and Kebabs?
 The Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Kakori Kebabs, 
Gelawat ke Kebabs, Seekh Kebabs and Patili-ke-Kebabs 
are some of the known varieties of Mughalai Food available here. 
This indeed is the most visited and desirable food joint of Lucknow.
Address: Near Naaz Cinema Hall, Aminabad

17.  Madhurima Sweets in Lucknow

This place serves amazing Indian assorted desserts. 
It also serves a dish which explains the most ironic oxymoron- 
‘Veg Egg!’Yes and pays attention vegetarians, it is completely vegetarian- no egg involved.
 This is that unique dish that you will hardly come across anywhere. 
Picture Source: GoogleAddress: Opposite Aminabad Police Station, Aminabad.

18. Parag Dairy

 Lohia Path, Vijay Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

This is an apt place for the lovers of milk products.
 From milk to ice cream and curd to paneer, 
every milk product available here is as fresh as you want it to be.
Picture Source: Google 
Address: Lohia Path, Vijay Khand, Gomti Nagar. 
 Best Street Food in Gomti Nagar Lucknow.

19.Alamgir Hotel 
KhayaliGanj, Aminabad , Lucknow.
Though famous for its non-vegetarian dishes, the place offers a hearty Shahi Tukda.
 As the name suggests, it is a specialty of the royals which is rich in 
its ingredients- creamy toast full of dry fruits. 
Picture Credits: Google Address: Khayali Ganj, Aminabad, Lucknow.

20. Moti Mahal
 MG Marg, Lalbagh, Lucknow
This place serves all the cuisines and is famous for all. 
The specialty here is the crispy and sweet Imarti-Rabdi.
 It is a delight to your sweet mood. 
One can definitely get enchanted by this dessert. 
Picture Source: Google Address: MG Marg, Lalbagh, Lucknow.

21. Neelkanth Sweets
 in Lucknow (new)

I have been visiting this place since my childhood days.. 
and it's quality has only upgraded since then.
It's one of the best sweet shops in Gomti Nagar.

It's next best thing is it's aloo chaat and kulfi. 😊

Recently, it has also started selling various snacks
 like mirchi vada, palak pakode, paneer pakode, dahi vade, 
dhokla and many more.

It's definitely worth a try! 😀



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