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Why is 'Friendship Day' celebrated ? what is the true meaning of friendship ? | Netking Manish

Both  Friends Are The Same Words In Saying Friend And     Friendship , But There Is a Huge Difference In Both These Words friends (friends) sounds very good in saying this word , But No One Has Understood We accidentally make many people in some form or not, But they are not truly friendship   

In India  'Friendship Day ' is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. The trend of celebrating 'Friendship Day' started from the West, but in India too, it has become very popular among the past few years. People greet each other on greeting cards, social media and SMS on this day.   
'Friendship Day' was started in America in 1935. It is said that the American government had killed one innocent person on the first Sunday of August, and in whose grief his friend committed suicide, after which South American people proposed International Friendship Day "International Friendship Day " The US Government Was Placed Before K    
After this incident, the government had refused to accept the offer of the people first, but in order to calm their anger, the US government later approved the proposal in 1958 after 21 years, after which the first Sunday of August the tradition of celebrating ' Friendship Day 'has begun.
Friends: In our eyes, a friend is said to be the person who revolves us, walks, shows the film, feeds me, has fun, fulfills all our hobbies, even from my money. We call this kind of person in today's time. But is it really worth it to our friend or not? In my eyes, the friend will say to you, who will not be sad    
Always motivate  The best example of this is Karna and Duryodhana in Mahabharata, who is known as good friends.
Friendship: The word 'friendship' is a belief among two people, which has just become 'a name and a bad joke' in today's time. Nobody has understood Friendship has become a medium to meet your needs in today's times, to which you meet your needs     
Truly friendship is that in which your friend shows your virtues and your misgivings hides.  Do not make fun of yourself before any unknown person and do not embarrass  The true example of friendship is that of Lord Shri Krishna and Sudama.  Sudama was the supreme friend and devotee of Lord Shri Krishna.  They were all knowledgeable and scholar Brahmin of Vedas and Puranas.  His friendship with Krishna was done in the Gurukul of Rishi Sandipani.  We have been reminded of the friendship of both of us today today. 
Role of Social Media in Making Friends:  Social Media is a very important role in making friends in today's time.  It comes under Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger and IMO etc.  Through these social sites, we have never met before

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